Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Inside Day

This is the best half of the Fern Garden. I've already pulled
the largest plants from this section because they were so
easy to remove. But it gives you an idea of why weeding
is taking so long.
I am almost finished weeding here. This is what stage one
looks like on the way to restoration.
I put soil on top to give the bed a nice finish. 

Monday was lightly overcast but remained quite a bright day. It was cool in the house, but outside it was toasty warm (24°). I had all the doors and windows open to warm the place up. I did not want to do anything yesterday, so I read outside where it was warm and loud with birdsong. 
I went to Rollo Park and only Gunther was there. Anna wasn’t there, yet again and I feel rather awful. I feel guilty for getting up and wandering away, giving two other people the same idea when she was ranting on about the Covid conspiracy. Although I came right back when I saw the others leaving, Anna had read into our behaviour. 
Or am I being narcissistic and thinking everything is about me? Does her decision to withdraw from contact with us have nothing to do with me? Her absence feels as though I’m being punished even though it was her area of concern (conspiracies) that had come to dominate all discussion at the park.
Move on. Move on.
When I got home, there was a very short shower, and so I lit a small fire to be cozy because I’m reading a great book: The Tennis Partner, by Abraham Verghese, and I wanted to be nice and cozy when I read it. His novel, Cutting for Stone, is one of my favourite reads, ever, but this is non-fiction.
When I went out to get some wood, the smell of the dry land, just freshly sprinkled with a light, light shower, was really glorious. I got on my chaise lounge that’s beside the fireplace and has a nice big side table for consumables, and I opened my book.
Today is wet. I’m very happy for the gardens. I’ll go into the village to do my weekly shopping and I’ll spend the rest of the day reading and puttering around the house. It’ll be an inside day.

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