Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Lights Fixed

Tuesday was lovely and bright. It was summer-like. Walking Sheba, the forest had the ‘dry’ smell it gets in summer. It’s like you can smell all the dead twigs cooking in the sun. 
I came home to do the work I wanted to do on the exterior lighting. I had to remove the lights from the studio and shed and then install them on the front of the house. It meant a lot of going up and down the ladders and moving them a lot—each time trying to find secure footing for them.  
I came inside threw the switch, and magic: All the lights went on. Then, most of them went off. I have no idea why. So, I’ve more work to do today to get these lights working to allow guests to see their way along the front walk at night. (Will I ever have guests again?)
I planted all my germinated Sweet Peas, ran the generator for a bit and cleaned the Pinecone Park sign (on a ladder). And I tried to scrub waterlines off the sides of the hot tub, but I only made things worse. I may have scrubbed pigment off the fiberglass, so I’ve more research to do on that job before I do any work.
Sheba and I were alone in Rollo Park in the afternoon. It was weird. We haven’t had the park to ourselves for a long, long time.
Today is sunny and bright and I worked most of the morning to get the lights working. I had to take some strings down to identify where the problem was and then splice the wires after cutting out the area with the fault. Thank God for my grade seven electronic courses!  
I’ve also went shopping and that went well. I got my week’s supply into my cart and checked out in less than fifteen minutes—and there was no line up at the store.
Next, I’m back to weeding before taking on finishing the boardwalk from the courtyard to the gate in the back fence that leads to the forest. I did seventy percent of it last year and now it needs to be finished.
Most of the next four months will be fine weather and all the parks and beaches are closed except for Rollo Park where I go to meet my fellow dogwalkers every afternoon. Travelling is out, too. So, I have four months to work (casually). I’ll mow the lawns and water the gardens of course, and I’ll finish the boardwalk and likely line the front garden with rock I’ have to steal from somewhere. And read. And have spas.
But that’s about it, I reckon. There’ll be no guests, I don’t think. And I’m not going anywhere except for the odd day trip to a park or beach on the big island if it’s legal to do so. So … a whole summer virtually alone in Pinecone Park.

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