Friday, January 1, 2021

A Rough Day!

I think my meringue mushrooms look lovely all mixed together in the tin I’m gifting to Eoin and François, don’t you?

An unexpected and welcome surprise: Yesterday began bright and clear! The weather forecast was for naught but rain, so the inspiring dawn was wonderful, like new clothes. Our morning walk was a high; my spirits were soaring for the first time in ages.

We took off early to get supplies for Prawn risotto (I’m eating like royalty), before going on our walkabout on the driest trail I know. After a night full of rain on Wednesday night, the trail lakes and rivers are daunting. As the day darkened, I built up the fire and finished Behind the Scenes at the Museum. (My Amazon books still have not arrived.)

Our only grocery store is suffering; there was no bread, hardly any organic vegetables and no sugar or Coke. Even frozen goods were scarce, but I got enough Prawns for my recipe.

Yesterday afternoon, my phone died, yet again. Forced to communicate with Telus by chat, it was gruesome because the service representatives seem inclined to blame me, my phone or my internal wiring for the problem in my own best interests to avoid charging me for a service appointment. I wanted to cancel my phone. But patience (barely) prevailed and I politely insisted on a repair. My phone is out until January 7th.

In late afternoon, trouble. I had a bout of severe mental ill health. I took and Ativan and managed well through the dinner party at Eoin And Franois’ house. When I got home, I went straight to bed and awoke this morning still pretty rough, but I’m functioning and today will be okay.

I made myself a nice big batch of Prawn risotto on a very rainy day. And so begins 2021. 

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