Saturday, January 2, 2021

Total Recovery and a Bake

I was very relieved to awaken on Friday, feeling “normal.” 

Thursday was the worst day I’ve experienced since my breakdown, but if you asked me what it was I was feeling, I didn’t know. Dr. Shoja has always said I suffer from “exquisite” anxiety, but it takes time to put the word to the feeling. I took two Ativan and it sure worked. Anyway, I was super glad to feel happier yesterday.

I’d seen Kevin on Thursday at a time when I couldn’t speak, even to him, and my arms were shaking like a  mix master, so he came back with Shelly yesterday afternoon to check on me and we decided to get together this afternoon to play some games and have some laughs together.

Friday was such a relief. As is today. Both days are so mild, I’m overheating on walks, wearing only a long sleeve tee-shirt and my open winter coat. I seem to have an internal furnace; maybe that’s a nice side effect of exquisite anxiety.

After our walk this morning, I baked a Plum cake using Plumbs I picked in Gisela and Doug’s orchard last Summer. I’m serving it to Kevin and Shelly when they come for an afternoon of playing games. And tonight: Prime Suspect. I love the show having never seen it during it’s first or subsequent run.

Here’s a hint for bakers: Don’t put your pale beige Garlic powder beside your pale beige Ginger powder. It can ruin a good bake! (I managed to save my bake, thank God, with a pastry bag and my hand-held little vacuum.) 

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