Sunday, January 3, 2021

Game Day with Awesome Food


Voila, mes amis oiseaux. The Towhees get into the feeder and kick out the seeds, so many of my tiny beautiful friends feed off the ground. I watch them every day. I adore my life here.

Prawn risotto for lunch, quesadillas from Shelly and Kevin for dinner and fresh-baked Plumb cake for dessert. Plus, nuts soaked in lime juice, baked and sprinkled with nice big coarse grains of salt for snacks whilst we played games. And then, a nice slow cozy evening ending with Prime Suspect.

Last night: Clear skies and bright moonlight. I fell asleep looking forward to a day outdoors today, but arose to rain, rain, rain. The reservoir in Rollo Park is almost full to overflowing, the trails are lakes and rivers, but as I keep saying here: It is mighty warm for Winter.

I’m reading a great book as I wait for the ones I ordered a month ago to arrive. When All Is Said is delighting me on every page. Anne Griffin has a gift with words and beautiful simple language. It’s a delight to have a book like this during a deluge that is unending. Such imaginative storytelling thrills me. 

I earned myself a good living from technical writing and I felt slightly more than competent at doing it, but I have no imagination. I have a skill; Griffin has a monstrous talent, and I can feel the difference inside me. I envy her, and so many others, who can make such magic.

Just before nine, this morning, the sky suddenly cleared. I saw blue and white cotton, so I donned a light coat so as not to overheat, and Sheba and I headed to the dry trail. It’s a five-minute drive to the trailhead, and five minutes into the long uplifting walk I envisioned, down it came. A torrential downpour, like the Monsoons I experienced in India, soaked us to the skin. Never, have I felt so happy to be home, out of my clothes and into dry ones, and by the fire. 

Will it ever end, this Biblical Winter of water?

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