Sunday, January 24, 2021

Bullet Dodged

We dodged the bullet: There’s no snow this morning, and it’s warmer—not like before, closer to ten degrees, but I’m happy. There’s supposedly a chance of snow tonight or tomorrow, but I don’t think, with the present blanket of clouds, that it can get cold enough. Phew!

Saturday began so cold. The house was so cold when I got up, it took a long while for the fire to make it warm enough that my hands stayed warm when I was typing at my desk. Making things worse was my need to remove the shells from the partially frozen Prawns so that I could make Prawn risotto after taking Her Highness for a morning walkabout—in more cold.

At least the day was sunny. And I love looking out at a much cleaner backyard. It improves my spirit to look out on a courtyard and backyard that’s free of forest fall. Friday, I removed bazillions of Fir cones, twigs and small branches from the yard. It felt good to be outdoors and moving around instead of constantly on my butt reading.

I burned a lot of what I collected in my incinerator. It was nice to smell the burning Fir and lovely to be able to warm my hands on the fire. The big job of the day yesterday, however, was making Prawn risotto. It’s a lot of work—especially making the stock by cooking the Prawn shells, veggies and spices. My kitchen smelled divine.

We went to the park in the afternoon and then I settled in for the rest of the day and evening by the fire, hoping that it wouldn’t snow. I went to bed, optimistic.

I read about the tweaks in the B.C. vaccination schedule. I am now a tier lower unless my asthma and HIV boosts me, so I don’t expect to be vaccinated until Summer. I’m fine with that, though, because I feel so safe on this island and, so far, I’m not suffering at all from cabin fever. I credit my forest walks for my sanity.

Trudeau held a press briefing on Friday, outside his Ottawa residence. He said that Julie Payette brought “enormous positives” to the job with her emphasis on science and service, and that Canadians deserve a “safe and healthy workplace.” What a turd!

He also said his government will consider making changes to the vetting process for high-level appointments in the wake of the controversy, but it was common knowledge at the time of her appointment that she’d faced similar accusations of humiliating and bullying subordinates during her positions at the Montreal Science Centre and the Canadian Olympic Committee. He’s an enabler.

He hates taking responsibility for his shortcomings: he maintained Payette’s vetting for the role was “rigorous,” adding that his government would “look at ways we can strengthen and improve the vetting process for high-level appointments.” 

Trump was deservedly vilified for his lying but Trudeau’s unwillingness to take responsibility is also modelling a compromised personality. Modelling this vulgar evasive behavior is reprehensible.

But I can’t end on such a nasty note, so instead I’ll mention all I have to look forward to today: I’m Zooming with a group of theatre friends this afternoon, Sheba and I will go for forest walks that are uplifting even in the rain and tonight, Prime Suspect and All Creatures Great & Small. 

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