Tuesday, January 26, 2021

It’s A Sin

This, above, is a form of gardening I’d love to be involved with. How I wish my island were located in tropical waters! Instead, yesterday, I walked Sheba with my friends in dark, wet, cold weather. Thankfully, I’ve the proper clothes and I could come home to a toasty warm home.

The short days seem long. I’m feeling cabin feverish as Winter progresses, and it’s not even February yet—the month that always feels hardest to endure. Spring seems far, far away right now. Thank God for books. Now, I’m in Korea. Pachinkohas engaged me.

I realize that reading functions as an escape for me. Perhaps that’s why I no longer want to read non-fiction because it presents reality—that of which I am so tired. Two things I wanted never to read about, The American West and the world wars, have yielded me my favourite reads. The Nightingale and Beyond the Scarlet Sky are novels I hope to never forget, and Angle of Repose is one of my all-time favourite reads. Beware your prejudices!

In the afternoon, yesterday, on the recommendation of my friend, Tim, I watched It’s A Sin on Flixtor (free streaming service) and was immediately immersed and committed to it. The writing, acting and the arc of the story was riveting. I bawled all afternoon because it’s a horrific accounting of the AIDS crisis. 

Everyone’s acting is wonderful! Everyone, including Neil Patrick Harris and Kitty Hawes in small roles is pitch perfect. It’s debuting soon on HBO, if you’re a subscriber. I cried for the characters in the film and for all the friends I lost back in the day. And I cried with guilt/shame/relief that I lived—that I got the cocktail.

I tried the CBD oil the other night, as I relayed on this blog, and regretted it. So, yesterday I tried it again, but this time in the afternoon after first trying my hardest to speak aloud without success. Later in the afternoon, I was talking better. I will try it again another time or two before I conclude anything about its efficacy, but I feel it may have benefited me.

Mr. Sissy-Pants, Esq. has a new toy. Rather, he is taking full advantage of a feature of his van that he accidently discovered by pressing the wrong buttons on his fob. There’s a button on the fob that, if pressed twice, starts his car remotely, turns on the heater in his driver’s seat and also starts the forced-air heater. And now that the weather has turned cooler, Mr. Sissy-Pants uses it all the time and is very, very warm and happy. He’ll use it today when he goes to the post and to the grocer for supplies with which to make himself a big batch of curry soup.

I love church architecture but this
one looks like a chicken.

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