Monday, January 4, 2021

A Wet, Wet Walk

I realize boredom is creeping into me. I think about food a lot; eating is something to do and a source of pleasure. Last night, I went to bed at eight-thirty, largely because I was bored I think. (I’d been up since five am; my days can be long.)

This morning I was up at four-thirty and guess what: It’s raining.

But yesterday was anything but boring. I was euphoric all afternoon because I went for a long walk with Sheba under a clear blue sky. The sun came blazing out at noon creating huge low and thin clouds of water evaporating off the trees and exposed ground. The sun was warm on my skin; it felt like Spring had arrived. I walked for hours wearing just a hoodie and no coat. It was wondrously warm. I reckon, were it not for Covid, our news would be full of stories about climate change for this must be a record-setting warm spell for this time of year.

The warm weather, and the rain, is predicted to last indefinitely. Sigh. When I see a forthcoming break in our incessant drowning, I’m bolting for the big island with Her Highness.

Last night I had a dream in which I was social distancing. That was a first. And I was also speaking fluently, so this morning I tried speaking, kind of hoping I’d somehow miraculously been cured. But no. I’m still mute when I try to speak here at home alone. Hope doesn’t die easily or quickly.

I’m happy that all the festivities are over. I’m very happy to be starting a “normal” week of five “working” days, and I hope our grocery store recovers from the interruptions to supplies. Our shelves have been semi-bare for almost ten days.

Today, I’ll start another book, Fleishman is in Trouble. I have a few left to read as I continue to wait for those ordered on December thirteenth and promised to be delivered before Christmas. Hopefully soon, the postal system and Amazon delivery will also soon be back to normal.

My friend DR has blessed me with a new source for books: The website, Not Amazon, currently serves independent stores in four cities (Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax), and the Vancouver home page is largely booksellers. There are, however, many different categories of goods to peruse.

But before I park myself in my reading corner, Her Highness and I went on a wet forest walk. Here are some photos of the Trail of Rivers and Lakes, aka, the Windecker Trail. (Sorry, but some are blurry because I did not want to get water in my camera.)

This walkway is new this year.

This raging river doesn't exist in Summer.

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