Saturday, January 23, 2021

Loose Woman

I took in the glory of dawn on a day with pristinely clear sky in the splendor of my spa yesterday morning and then savoured a breakfast of the bread I recently baked. Never, with bought bread, do you get the heady thrilling scent I enjoy each morning when I open the bag in which I keep my fragrant treasure. 

And as I ate, the trees slowly went from green to gold, starting at the top and moving down. Birds filled my yard; they know I maintain their feeders with seed and suet and the hummingbirds know my nectar is always fresh and warm—I’ve a small light under the feeder that keeps it so.

And soon it was time to go for a walk with my fellow canine compatriots and, as it’s my third week as guide, I decided to take us all on a new route. I chose paths that maximized our exposure to the morning light, and I was thrilled that Judith mentioned noticing how much brighter our walks are now compared to the Elder Cedar walks we did every time for the past three years.

After the walk, Sheba and I went directly to the grocery store for Prawns. I’m going to make my favourite risotto yet again. Risotto is frequently consumed by the Pono Lella and as yesterday was my last day deep inside that novel, I’m going to celebrate with my favourite version. 

Jay came by and we successfully transplanted my Azaleas. I’m glad they have a better home and now I get to think about what kind of beauties I’ll put into the planters they vacated.

My friend Beth has written a memoire called Loose Woman. It’s available on Amazon. She’s received a great deal of praise from its readers, but, as happens to so very many books, it isn’t getting the readership it merits. 

I really enjoyed reading it, but then I know her. And it’s more, I reckon, a book that resonates very strongly with women; it’s more introspective than the high-risk action-packed war novels that shatter me. What I loved about it, was the section of the book wherein she takes a position working with a L’Arche community. It’s not a job for most people!

Founded by Jean Vanier, L’Arche villages give purpose and dignity to people with profound mental health issues—a community of people that present significant challenges to anyone wanting to get close. But she does it and it’s a joy to read about her success and it makes me terribly proud of her.

I encourage you to consider buying it, particularly all three of my blog readers who are women, and if you love it, please tell all your women friends.

I regret attacking Julie Payette and Adrienne Clarkson without acknowledging that in all probability many men were as atrocious in their conduct in the office of the Governor General over the history of the position. I know! I worked in Ottawa for a year and a friend worked in the GGs office.

The cold has arrived but (hooray) the weather forecast is predicting less snow now. If it snows tomorrow, it may turn to rain on Monday. That kind of short burst of Winter, I can take!

Jill Biden's inaugural coat.

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