Monday, January 11, 2021

Hidden Florence

I’m done, I want to move to England. (Not really.) The rich, rich, rich cultural and historic amenities there are impossibly appealing. I love their actors, villages, galleries, museums and the landscape (did you see All Creatures Great and Smalllast night?) 

Check out the video above about a new App for lovers of Florence, the renaissance and visual art that allows you to see the masterworks of Florence’s oldest and most important churches,  San Pier Maggiore—a church that no longer exists.

Read about it here.

And speaking of the Renaissance…. If you, like me, admire both the person and the artist, you can book online (for I believe, eight pounds) a tour through the first major retrospective of the work of Artemisia Gentileschi the National Gallery in London via this link. The tour is annotated; you are escorted through the exhibit by its curator, Letisia Treaves, and there are other resources offered by the same link.

Artemisia has a remarkable place in history as a painter, woman and victim of rape. She was betrayed by her father, adored and respected by Cozimo II de’Medici, an acquaintance of Galileo, a remarkable painter and a fiercely independent woman. If you’re not familiar with her, be amazed by reading about her on Wikipedia.

Read about the tour here.

I feel so, so good now that I’m filling my body with caffeine. I ordered caffeine pills on Amazon to keep for when the grocery store is out of cola. Now I know why everyone is a coffee addict. Lesson learned.

I had a great session with my fellow stutterers on Zoom yesterday. And two members are joining me for the international conference on stuttering that’s happening in Montreal this summer—assuming it’ll be on Zoom.

This weather! Oh my God! When I awakened this morning, the first thing I knew was that it was raining, and rather hard. But when I went out for wood, I was stunned by how warm it is. It was ten degrees at five am. It can be that temperature in the early morning in Summer, and we’re barely into Winter. 

Today will be spent on the couch with a book. (And no, my books ordered in the first week of December are still not here! 

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