Saturday, January 30, 2021

My Party Tricks

Bruce is a great friend. He’s not afraid to ask questions, and recently he asked about my use of a couple of words. Consequently, I made this video. Trust me: A speech defect is constantly confounding. Since joining some chat groups of disfluent speakers, I’ve been learning “work arounds.”

Friday was a great day! 

For one thing, I awoke chuffed about the plan to visit Dana and Jane in Parksville next week. They are such great friends and we’re all excited about being together. And then, bright and early in the morning, Kevin, whom I adore, wrote to propose that he and Shelly come over for a “games night” together last night. I’d invited them for Saturday but they’re busy, so to be able to visit them last night was a delight.

And then, the sky cleared as I left the house, so the morning dog walk with my friends was sunny and bright; everyone was in a very cheery mood.

After the walk, I went to the post office to fetch my parcels and to get some supplies with which to make a delicious dip for Kevin and Shelly—a recipe that a fellow islander gave me after I tasted her wonderful pea pâté at a party. 

The parcels I picked up were not books. They were my bed and mattress so when I got home, I set up my bed. It’s absolutely perfect! It’s an ideal size for Sheba and I and for the van. I’m thrilled to be ready, at the drop of a gear, to go camping. 

After that, all I did was read and tidy up a little for my guests—and I returned to the village to fetch the pizzas we enjoyed whilst playing our games.

Kevin and Shelly arrived at five-thirty. They live two doors away and are the emergency responders called if I use the alarm I wear. They are also wonderful and warm people. I’d proposed getting together to celebrate the “all clear” Kevin recently got from his Oncologist. We had lots of fun together and I feel much better for it. Good company: The ideal antidote to Covid blues. I can hardly wait for my second dose with Jane and Dana.

Want a delicious dip for crostini? Gently pulse in a blender: ten ounces of uncooked frozen peas (or fresh peas from the pod), half a cup of Parmesan cheese, a large garlic clove (or two), a quarter cup chopped mint leaves (I grow my own I make this dish so often), a teaspoon of salt and a quarter-teaspoon of pepper—just till evenly mixed. Then, whilst the blender is running on a low speed, add a third-cup olive oil, et voilà: Magic deliciousness.

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