Saturday, May 7, 2022

A Tart for David

After our morning walk yesterday morning with our friends, Her Highness and I came home—her to sleep, me to bake a lemon tart (above), and then to read. It clouded over in the afternoon and the day became just another too cool, too damp day for Spring. We’ve been cursed this year with a cool, wet Spring. Sigh.

I took the tart to David’s in the evening, where I had dinner. He’s a new acquaintance; I met him on the big Sunday dog walk. He walks with Larry, his Chihuahua, who’s adorable. It was a lovely evening of, largely, listening.

Today has dawned clear and bright. I’ll walk with Her Highness and then get to work on mowing the lawns/weeds. It’s likely to cloud over again later today. So I will mow while the sun shines.

May 15th, I meet the clinic board and other new committee members.

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