Saturday, May 28, 2022

Market Day

Sunshine, the absence of a leak in my water system and a working fridge made Friday a thoroughly delightful day. Also, my video, Fluency through Rhyme, has impressed my friends in the stuttering community. Their emails filled me with pride.

High school shootings, war in Ukraine, abortion politics, responses to the Uvalde shootings, all these things, and more, have me only watching recorded television and avoiding the radio. I will not watch or read the news. Homo sapiens is the worst thing to happen to a gloriously beautiful planet. I am ashamed of my species.

It all makes me value my modestly isolated life here on Gabriola, my fire, my pets, the quiet, the forest. I have resolved to make the most of the little time I have left.

It was a glorious day all day Friday, but I did not work at all. I read and went for several walks with Her Highness. I loved the walks, feeling the sun on my skin and watching H. H. having such a good time smelling everything and eating grass.

Today’s iffy, weather wise, and now rain is predicted for Monday, my day in Vancouver. Sigh. And I lit the fire this morning because it’s not cold, but it’s cool in the house and I want to be comfortable. I’m going into the village to check out the farmers’ market. They started up again last weekend and it’s something fun to do on Saturday morning. Then I may get some of my last unplanted Hostas into the garden. And, of course, I’ll read.

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