Saturday, May 21, 2022


Friday dawned, as predicted, brilliantly bright and clear. There’s no rain at all in the forecast. I may have to consider watering the gardens soon.

We began our day walking with our friends, and then I went to the clinic for kidney tests. My doctor is worried about my kidneys; I’m not, thank goodness. And then I got back to work on the yard. It’s more joyous now because everything is looking so much better around Pinecone Park.

I had to clean up the half of my deck that I never use, and I discovered part of it is rotting. Sigh. Another thing for my list of problems needing attention, along with my generator that puked out oil, my leaking water filter, and my empty water pressure drum. So many things to be done.

The nicest part of the morning was having the gate open between Merrill’s and Leo’s and my place. Their dog and Sheba had two yards to explore and play in, and I met some of Leo’s family who are visiting. It’s so nice to hear the squeals of delight from Issa and her four-year old cousin playing in the yard. Leo and Merrill have their half-acre to landscape, just as I once did. It’s lovely to see the improvements they make to their yard, and to share in their joy of life in our fine little neighbourhood.

Thursday’s Nature Moment was finding a geode. Yesterday’s magic was an exquisite and intimate minute with a Hummingbird. I was cleaning the fountain and had my head bent over the top of it very near to where the water emerges from the spout to fall into the top collector layer when the beautiful little Hummer arrived. It came to bath in the spout. I froze and it landed and began fluffing itself in the flow of the water a mere seven inches from my eyes. It was truly magical for me to be so close, and to create no fear.

I did no planting. All I did was rake more detritus up and schlep it into the forest. Four more wheelbarrows full. It took forever to clean the deck. I had to scrape it all and that took a lot of time. Today, I’ll plant and tomorrow I will schlep again. The last of my schlepping will be to stack the wood from the felled trees Jay and I took down a while ago.

I quit at 3:30 and went into the village to pick up my prescription and then, to exercise Her Highness at Rollo Park before coming home to soak in the spa, have dinner and sink into bed early (8:30!) so I’ll be super charged for today’s work in the gardens.

I think Gardenias are my favourite
flower. Their fragrance!!!

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