Thursday, May 19, 2022

No Power

It was 12° as we left for the dog groomer’s place at Twin Beaches. And sunshine is predicted until Monday, so I’m soon going to have most all the yard work done that was on my urgent list. I will be very happy to see everything looking more or less pretty good. The lawns are not in good shape, but I’m over that and still yard proud.

It was great to take Sheba to the cleaners. When she gets her hair cut, she looks and smells so, so good, I love cuddling with her and I particularly love bedtime when we go to sleep in sublime proximity. She’ll be looking nice still when I go to Vancouver at the end of the month.

It was almost noon when she was done, and we were back home. We arrived to find a home without power. I did some yard work and kept coming in to see if the power was back on. At 3:00 I called Dana to ask him to check out the Hydro website and learned from him that it was a big area without power, but no reason for the outage was given, and even by 4:30, there was still no crew assigned to our problem. And that meant no resolution for many more hours.

Given that information, I started up the generator and plugged in my fridge so that no food went bad and cleaned the barbeque so I could use it to cook dinner. There was not television for me last night. Instead, I started reading Hamnet and I absolutely love it.

At 5:00 the forest started falling out of the sky and as branches and cones landed on the roof, making sudden and loud noises. I hate it when it is windy. My yard is filling up again with forest fall. Dwight called at 5:30 and he checked the Hydro website for me: Still no team assigned to fix it, and no estimated time of repair. Dwight said there were outages all over the coast, so that explains the delay.

At 6:00, I had to turn off the generator. Oil had gushed out of it, and I was scared to use it any longer. I’ll have to get the mechanic I know to come to check it out before I use it again. But soon after cleaning up the spilled oil, Dana called to tell me that finally, crews were attending to our outage. At 7:15, the power came back on. Then it went off again. But soon afterwards, it came on again and stayed on. What a day!

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