Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dr. Shoja Comes Through Again!

Sunday turned out to be quite a nice day, but it began with a change in plans. When I got to where we usually walk, my friends were worried about the bear that had been seen the day before in the area in which we walk. So, we moved to a different part of the island to walk and began just as the sun broke through the cloud cover.

When I got home, I went back to bed. I was pooped from all the recent yard work. And I just pissed away the rest of the day, giving myself a full day of recovery. Today, I’ll get back to working on the gardens. And when it was time for our afternoon walk, I had to choose a route that felt safe from the bear. I’m almost ready to join Facebook so that I can regularly read the Gabriola Community page for bear sightings.

All I want to do is spend money on plants. The only thing that holds me back, is how much more water it would take to do any more planting. After a lifetime in the city, almost all of it spent in apartments or condos, to have half an acre feels like I own Versailles. But I don’t have a regent’s budget. 

Now it’s my fridge. The freezer is filling up with ice. I’ve turned the temperature up so it is not making things so cold, but that didn’t work. It only got worse. Fuck. I hate it when things go wrong. But the generator repair is in hand; Doug will be by here next week.

And the cats seem to be getting better. They got the cold Sheba had and have been sneezing and snorting, but today things seem better.

Dr. Shoja just sent me links for online doctor services in BC that help people without doctors fill prescriptions and get referrals. It’s a huge relief to have them. Plus, the consultations are fully covered by our medical services plan. The links may prove to become valuable content for the newsletter I aim to propose to the clinic as a service to island residents.

Even though it’s been cool, we haven’t had rain for a while, and I’d like some. It’s better than watering the gardens. But I have my doubts about rain as I look at this morning’s sky. However, I shall hope.

I’m off to walk Her Highness, slightly nervous about seeing the bear.

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