Monday, May 23, 2022

Bear Threat

Geez … I was a whirlwind of activity yesterday. I was up at 5:30 and I went immediately into action. And I kept up the pace right until it was time to leave for the large community dog walk. The walk was going to be the most relaxing part of my day until Dan and Steve arrived and I could again relax to fully enjoy their company.

The walk was stunning because of the weather and because everyone was in such great spirits due to the late, late arrival of true Spring-like temperatures. It was a very comfy 15° as we set out on our walk at 10:00 am.

Once back, I dug more plants into the gardens, got rid of another wheelbarrow of forest fall, cleaned and scraped the sidewalk to my front door that was badly overgrown with slippery moss, baked at Rhubarb Crumble and thoroughly enjoyed my late afternoon spa before doing the final preparations for the arrival of my guests.

Today will be an easy day. I look forward to planting the remaining plants, watering the gardens, and puttering around attending to the gardens. I still haven’t cleaned a lot of the gardens of the Winter forest fall—I’ve removed the branches but the Fir cones remain to be picked up.

At 5:00 it had clouded over with thin cloud. I went into the village for the pizzas. Woodfire makes awesome pizzas, and that’s saying a lot because I have never liked pizza. I had never even bought one until I moved here. But I love the Woodfire food, and I love being able to host people without all the fuss of cooking a meal. I just made the crumble for the dinner; Dan and Steve brought a salad.

Rain is on the way. It’s due to come on Wednesday. The gardens will welcome it. It’s been a while without any.

We shall forest walk this morning in our regular place, but we’ll be wary. Our new bear on the island was seen on the weekend, right where we walk.

I’ve written to Doug to come and check out my leaking generator. And I wrote to Curt to get him here to fall my two dead trees. And when we get back from the walk, I’m calling a plumber to have him check my expansion tank. I need to know why it’s empty. I don’t think it should be. … Getting things done. 

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