Sunday, May 22, 2022

Water Trial

Her Highness and I went for an uplifting morning walk, and then I came home to get back to work on the yard and gardens. But when I got home, I had a headache that made me want to nap a bit before exerting myself. I’ve been getting headaches every day for a while, and I hate them. At least they’re not migraines.

I planted most of the plants that I had on pots and then went to water them. No water. I thought something was wrong. There’s a tank in my water room that is empty and I’m sure that it should be full, but I don’t know how to fix things. It’s a complicated system, my water supply system, and I need help to do things. I sent Kevin an email because he’s a clever fellow who’s been helpful with my system in the past. But I think he and Shelly are away for the weekend.

That problem aside, things are looking fine at Pinecone Park. Now I can relax. The demanding post-Winter clean-up is done. I still have gardens to weed and tidy, but all that’s left to do is work I love doing—the details, where God lives.

Early in the evening, I was on the couch and about to eat dinner when Kevin arrived to look at my water situation. Why one tank is empty is a problem we didn’t solve; that solution will come later. But as for not getting any water from the outdoor tap I rely on for watering the gardens, we fixed that one. All it took was leaving the tap open even though no water was coming out. After leaving it on for about 30 seconds, out came water.

Poor Fred and Ethel are both mildly sick. They both have the cold that Sheba had a week ago. They are sneezing and wheezing, and I feel very badly for them. I shower them with gentle affection, I pamper and spoil them, sort of trying to bribe them into healing. I’m sure they’ll recover okay, just as Sheba did. I just hope that it’s soon.

Today has dawned a beauty! It’s not nearly as cold this morning as it was yesterday, and it’s bright, bright, bright. It’s supposed to reach 20° this afternoon. 

I got up early and went right to work, washing the patio deck, cleaning the barbeque, and cleaning up inside so that Pinecone Park looks good for when Steve and Dan come over tonight for pizza and games. Soon, I’ll join the big community dog walk and then I’ll come home to do some more planting and to make our dessert for tonight.

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