Sunday, May 8, 2022

Serious Progress

It felt very, very good to be finally dealing with the lawns in the backyard. Poor Pinecone Park has been looking rough because I’m still picking up forest fall from Winter. The lawns/weed fields, being unclipped, make the yard look like no one cares. Once I finish with the lawns, I can start planting the many, many plants and bulbs I’ve purchased this year.

There was dog poop everywhere, and I removed wheelbarrows full of cones, twigs and branches. It was unending back-bending work, but the results are gratifying. The yard is starting to look better; it looks like someone cares. But man-oh-man, half an acre feels big. And why do weeds grow so well in shade, whereas grass doesn’t?

At noon, it started raining, so I put my tools away and came inside, only to be overwhelmed by all that needed doing inside the house. The cats had destroyed a cardboard box and there were bits of chewed cardboard everywhere. I had laundry to do, the litterbox to clean, vacuuming to do and there were dishes to be washed. So, I just kept going, knowing that when I finished, Sheba and I would go for a nice forest walk together and then I’d be free to collapse into my comfy chair by the fire with Louise.

I finished my errands at 1:30, had a brief rest (and a piece of a Nanaimo bar) and then we went forest walking together. And miracle of miracles, the sun returned just as we began walking. Our walk was truly lovely.

Today is my favourite day of the week, and it’s dawned beautifully (but it may not last). Her Highness and I will go on the big community dog walk at 10:00; what I do for the rest of the day is up in the air. I will do more yard work (I’ve been out edging already this morning), and I may do some reading. It doesn’t matter what I do because it’s my day, it’s Sunday, and I can do anything that I want to do. It’s ‘no guilt’ day. 

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