Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fireflies; Inside the Moat

On Monday, I finished the last of my Louise Penny novels. Her most recent Inspector Gamache novel, however, arrives next week. So, I have one more trip to Three Pines coming very soon. What hours and hours of joy Ms. Penny has given me through her novels! She’s The Boss!

Other than that, I did some yard work and wrote emails during the day. Plus, I went into the village for some groceries. Late in the afternoon, my Clinic committee was handed responsibility for planning a ten-year anniversary celebration. But it’s expected in just two and a half months from now.

Today is another decent day, but it feels mighty cool for mid-May. It’s 7° this morning and I’m totally fed up with having cold, cold hands. Gardening is nasty for this sissy in such conditions, but I am determined to get some decent work done in the yard today because the lawns are dry enough to mow and the soil is not pourable. 

When we walk, Her Highness and I, I usually scan the landscape as we go, my eyes drawn to mushrooms and blossoms, and to the sources of fragrance or sound. This morning, on one part of the walk, I was serenaded by a glorious chorus of birdsong. But during the bulk of my walk this morning, I was focused on how blessed I feel to be living here on this island.

An island is a wonderful place to live. I, and I’m sure many of us, feel protected by the ocean. It serves as a moat did for forts and castles of the past, giving us a sense of heightened security from the rest of the world. I also love that I live on an island full of older people. There’s no status competition, no ‘look at me’ behavior on display in our clothing, our cars, our actions. It’s truly a paradise.

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