Friday, May 27, 2022

Home Repairs Done!

As we walked Wednesday morning, the sky lightened. Good news! When I got home, I called the appliance repair people. More good news. Zach came here yesterday. The relief was most welcome. My broken brain seizes on disorder and causes me grief. With my stove and fridge repair scheduled, I next lined up a plumber to fix my expansion tank and stop a leak.

I was busy from the moment I got home from our walk. At 1:00, I was pooped and was glad to be able to have a nap. I get so, so tired, so, so quickly now. Dr. Majic believes my fatigue is due to my failing kidneys, so I’m having more tests soon. He’s told me, since he is leaving, to work closely with the locum to keep monitoring my kidney levels. 

When I arose, the sky had cleared completely and bright, welcome sunshine brought me to life again. I did a little more housework—cleaning the fridge and freezer out ahead of Zach’s visit on Thursday—before settling into a comfortable chair to read. But I didn’t read for long. It was too beautiful outside to be indoors.

I pulled some weeds in one garden and then I took Her Highness to Rollo Park to play ball. It was glorious there. A large group of kids were playing soccer in one part of one field (there are two large baseball fields), as their mothers talked gardening and Texas together perched on one of the bleachers. On the other field, an older gent practiced his batting while his lovely, wonderfully friendly dog, watched and then came to me for some lovin’. And a Mom played baseball on the upper field with her three daughters.

It was a classic summer day. I felt spectacular. And then I came home to have a spa, do more reading, have dinner and then watch a movie.

Thursday was busy!  I walked her Highness early, so that I could go to the lab for my kidney tests and then I came home for a Zoom meeting with my respiratory therapist. But before she and I got connected, Steve arrived to look at the water system. He solved the problem with the expansion tank, and he stopped the leak.

Just as he left, I noticed the time. I had to hurry him out in order to Zoom with Sue, my respiratory therapist. And no sooner did she get online, that Zach arrived an hour early to look at the stove and fix the fridge. All appears well now with the fridge, and Zach will come back to fix the stove when the replacement parts arrive.

When he left, there was black water everywhere on the floor in the kitchen, and the inside of the fridge. Everything was a freakin’ mess. I had to take every single thing out of the fridge and wipe all containers clean, plus I had to put veggies in clean bags. It was a lot of work; I was sweating when I was done washing the floor.

But it’s working. I have both a working fridge and freezer and now I don’t have to empty water out of the vase I had under the leak anymore. I used to have to empty it first thing in the morning, and again before I went to bed. Now, there’s only the generator to fix.

I could rest at 2:00. I was pooped. I had a quick spa to chill out and then I read until it was time to go to The Surf to meet Eoin, Fran├žois and Jay, plus Jay’s friend Dennis, for dinner at The Surf. It was really, great to be together with my gay pack, and I love dinners that I don’t have to cook or clean up after. And after all the work of the day, I deserved a served dinner. 

Relief, relief, relief! I feels really good again at Pinecone Park.

Today has dawned clear and bright; the ground is soaking wet from rain that felt much of the night. We’ll walk together this morning, my friends, our dogs and I, and then I’ll probably do some yard work and reading. It feels so, so good to have a working fridge again, I lost a lot of food that I had to throw out, but now my fridge is pristinely clean and orderly. And, I no longer have to empty the vase I’ve been using to collect the leak water in my water room. The leak is gone. Hurrah! 

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