Sunday, May 15, 2022

Clinic Meeting Day

My neighbours, Kelly and Barbara, have their house on the market again, but unlike last time, there have not been people driving slowly by, looking at the lot. There wasn’t a single viewer yesterday. On the other side of me, Merrill and Leo are starting work on landscaping their lot, and they are using our friendship gate to cut through my yard, to then go through my gate into the forest so that they can dump branches and rocks there.

It didn’t rain much at all yesterday morning, but the ground was far too wet to bother planting any of my unplanted shrubs or to mow some lawn. So, I did housework all morning, had lunch and then did some reading.

By 6:00 in the evening, the sky had cleared, and we had a couple of hours of welcome sunshine before sunset. It was a nice way to end the day.

And today has dawned warmer but wet, wet, wet. But come Thursday, it looks like Spring will finally be underway. The prediction is for sunshine and much more Spring-like temperatures. Finally! 

It’s just too wet to walk for an hour and a half in the rain with my friends on the big Sunday dog walk, so Her Highness and I will do a short walk together and then, at 1:00, I have the clinic meeting and I am feeling very good about how well I’ll do with my speech. I’m feeling confident!

Here are some photos from last Sunday's walk:

This is Hank. He is a stunner!

Sheba and her pal, Molly.

I don't know this fella's name. He's new.

Nelson (black) is Di's dog. Both Di and Nelson are a
dear, dear friends. Dakota is Dan's dog

Handsone Dakota.

The three Frenchies.

Half of our Sunday pack.

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