Thursday, May 5, 2022

Nanaimo in the Morning

Wednesday was dull and damp, but there was no rain. Still, I spent the day indoors reading and putzing around the house. That’s it. Another day like many, many other days of late.

Woo hoo. Our local sea plane service now goes to downtown Vancouver instead of to Richmond. That means no long Canada Line ride or expensive taxi ride into the city and back for the return trip.  

And more good news: It’s official, two locums have joined the clinic and so I have another year of life with a GP. And the clinic has another year to find permanent replacement doctors. 

Also, concerning the clinic, I have not been invited to be a board member. I’ve been invited to become a committee member and I’m not very happy about it. I’ll wait to see how things go, but committee members are often basically slaves, helping a single board member do what is discussed and planned in board meetings. And I don’t want to execute the ideas and strategies of another. I’m keener to be on the board where development policies are made.

I went to Nanaimo this morning to get some cheap, but pretty, trees and shrubs, and to go to the hospital for pulmonary tests. It was a wet day and it felt very, very good to get home and back to nice dry heat.

My appointment for swallowing diagnostics has been moved to May 11. I go back to Nanaimo again on Monday, for a tune up of my pacemaker.

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