Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Clinic Worker!

Monday began so, so wet, and the weather forecast is for rain every day until Saturday. Shizah! Sunday, however, is predicted to be a decent day; it may be my next day in the garden. But it’s warm and the forest is a pleasantly fragrant as a perfume shop.  Going for our walk was a treat. Then I came home to be cozy by the fire.

At 9:00 Curtis came, and he’s agreed to fall my two dead trees and Leo’s and Merrill’s single leaning Alder. It should happen in a couple of weeks. I hope my front yard plants aren’t crushed, but I must take the change. The two dead trees are dangerous.

After some lovely quiet reading, I went into the village for some groceries. Then it was back home to my book and the fire before our second walk and a soft and gentle evening before going to bed early.

Early in the evening I got an email from the clinic inviting me to work with them. They want me to take charge of fundraising. I’m not clear if I’m a volunteer or a board member. There’ll soon be an orientation meeting and I will find out more then. I’m glad I made it into their ranks; it gives me a way to give back to my community and to make use of all I learned about fundraising and community relations during my career.

Today is mild and overcast. I’ll walk Her Highness, Zoom with Cathy and then I’ll read and/or do some yard work. I’m happy I was accepted by the clinic!

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