Saturday, December 23, 2023

A Beautiful Day to Explore

I watch Ethel constantly. I am always worried that she’ll have another seizure. It’s so weird: me, plagued by seizures, worrying about Ethel’s seizures. My poor baby girl is a constant source of concern, but she seems fine. She’s leading her life as she always has.

At 9:15 David, Sheba and I left to walk with our friends. The sky was overcast but bright and it was not raining, so the walk was lovely in warm wonderful temperatures. And then we came home, and I had lunch. David did not eat because he was sick through the night Thursday night. Then we chilled a while before heading out for a bit of an adventure on a beautiful day.

We went first to Twin Beaches. David was terribly impressed because he loves ocean swimming and these two beaches, on either side of an isthmus, are both sandy. We walked around both beaches, but the tide was too high to walk on the sand. After a nice romp with Sheba there, we went to the north end of the island. David loved seeing The Surf and all the homes overlooking the ocean.

Then we went to Malaspina Galleries where he was thrilled by both the galleries and the ocean access. We walked the whole area, which is not very big, and then went into the village to go to the hidden meadow that I love so much. He really liked the meadow; we walked all around it, and then we came home for dinner and a movie.

He ate supper. He was feeling much better, and he went to bed early. I succumbed not long afterwards. Here are some photos David took over the past few days.

David and Paula; me on Paula's phone.

David and Paula at the seaplane terminal in
Vancouver. On their way to Gabe last Monday.

Paul and I making dinner on Monday.

Me and Paula at Sandwell.

Paula; Sandwell.

David, foreground, me and Paula.

Twuin Beaches; north side.

Malaspina Friday.

Malaspina Friday.

Malaspina Friday.

Malaspina Friday.

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