Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Master of Idling

 Monday dawned clear and bright. It was a gorgeous morning for our walk with our friends. It was only 3° as we departed Pinecone Park; it was a day for gloves. After our walk, we went into the village for supplies (including some new slippers), and then I got to work finishing the cleaning of the fridge. I had to clean the door racks. Then it was off to the chaise and my book.

I wonder what makes me so tolerant of being alone and idle. All those years with the Tyrells, I was left on my own and perhaps that is why I do so well now. I’ve had years and years of practice. Regardless of why, I feel blessed to be so. Yesterday passed by very comfortably, yet I did little that was practical. Considering my speech has become painful to execute, I’m happiest on my own.

I still crave the company of my friends, I just cannot overdue socializing. David’s visit is going to be wonderful, but I have already warned him about my need for periods of silence every day for me. This week of solitude is proving to be very, very pleasant—especially these clear and bright Winter days we’re having right now. Sadly, come Friday, the rains return, and David and Paula arrive on Monday.

From bricklayer to firebox repairman, I have moved on to plumbing. I continue to be amazed by what I can do when things way, way outside my comfort zone are required of me. I took my shower head apart and then put it back together, only to find the problem of weak flow unresolved. So, I took my spool of soft metal wire that I used to make armatures for my dresses and pushed it down the pipe. I shoved ‘miles’ of it down and then rewound it on the spool. Et voila! I have peak flow.

Today will be another quiet easy day. We’ll have a lovely walk this morning, and I’ll read much of the rest of the day until we go to Rollo Park in the afternoon. I feel blessed to be so very comfortable on days like this, just puttering my day away alone—rather, alone with my spectacular wonderful pets.

The loneliest church in the world.

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