Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Yay Christmas!

Christmas day began with a short walk with Her Highness because of rain. We had a light lunch, and in the afternoon we watched a movie and while we watched, I did some prepping of ingredients for dinner. Then I got to work in earnest to make our Christmas meal. We had a roast for our dinner; I’d never cooked one before. It was delicious, as were the vegetables (Brussel sprouts leaves fried in oil and lemon juice with pistachios; carrots with mustard and brown sugar; pommes duchesse). 

It was truly wonderful to have David here and to have him to share Christmas with. We had a spectacular slow day together. We are entirely compatible. In the evening we watched another movie, and we sat around and talked a lot as well. Then … to bed.

Today is Davie’s last day. I am really going to miss him when he leaves. We went to Drumbeg for our morning walk in spectacular sunshine. I wanted to live forever this morning, so that I could enjoy more mornings like we had this morning. I love sunshine, I love David, and Christmas can be okay.

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