Thursday, December 14, 2023

Eye Trouble


Taken ini front of Nester's in our village.

These shots are of the sunrise yesterday morning. Everyone here was talking about it. It was such a fabulous way to start the day.

Yesterday started with a walk with our friends. It was a gorgeous morning, but high clouds were rolling in. Still, we went for a long walk together and it was wonderful. Then, I went into the village for some groceries and a prescription (it wasn’t ready), and then came home to serve all my wonderful pets their lunch, to have mine and to get onto the chaise.

At 1:00 pm, the power went out. I’d fallen asleep on the chaise, and when I awoke, no power. As it wasn’t raining, and because I needed practice after almost a year of non-use, I decided to crank up the generator. It started on first try. I almost died of shock. I was absolutely thrilled with the machine for being so trustworthy. I am thoroughly intimidated by it, so it was a great relief to be able to get my computer going and see that the problem would be quickly fixed.

At 3:00 I almost called my eye surgeon, but I decided to wait and see what the local optometrist says in January. I see her on the 19th. My left eye, the one that I just had the cataract operation on, is working, but poorly. I can see out of it, but my vision is very blurry and milky through that eye. It’s worse than it was before the operation. I’m very curious to know if it can be fixed. I can’t recognize faces through that eye or read.

I had a date set up with Kris and Steve today, to get my new device working, but they had to cancel. I tried Jay, but he’s in Nanaimo. It may not be working for me until David and Paula are here to help me next week.

It’s a wet and dark day. I’ll be snug as a bug on my chaise today, but I may do some baking in the afternoon. But first, of course, a walk for Her Highness.

Mimetes Hottentoticus or Cracker Jack Silver.

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