Saturday, December 16, 2023

Eye Fixed


Thursday. Began with cleaning up from last night, feeding the pets and walking Sheba. Then came the big event of the day for me. First, we got my new device working. It’s slow and a bit clumsy, but it’s also wonderful. I have 14 things recorded. I can have up to 39 recordings. They can be up to 20 seconds long.

I have business cards, my boogie board and this new pocket speech generator. I also have gesture and the odd word—even up to three words.

My left eye is much worse than before the surgery. I don’t know whether to contact the surgeon or wait to see the optometrist in mid-January. I close my left eye when I use the computer or watch TV. This situation really pisses me off.

I realized today that my experience with the splitter went very well. I learned how to do it and the size of the pieces I want, so I can teach others. I may have to hire a splitter soon, because it’s hard on my back. I will discuss this with Dave when I see him next. He’s co-owner of the splitter. I want to talk about a winch driven small hoist with a ramp so that our backs are not ruined from using the splitter. 

The splitter sits on the ground. I must bend very low to use it, and I must hold the wood as it splits. I can do 45 minutes, and then I need a good long rest before doing another 45 minutes. If I hire someone for a few hours, that could last the Winter. What’s nice is that even with all this help, there’ll be a lot of work for me keeping the courtyard and lawns tidy and cut, and watering. That is a huge and essential job.

I want to stay here as long as I possibly can. I love the silence and being alone all the time—with pets! I love my simple life. I basically am at home all the time, alone. But I love going to the village when I need to, and I go in often. I have 11 prescriptions and they run out at different times, and then always need renewing. Plus, there’s shopping for food, and garden supplies in the summer. And the odd other thing in the other village stores.

That’s my whole live, and I love it. I particularly like the nights during the Winter because Ethel gets on my lap, or Fred lies part on, part off me, and Sheba, sleeping on the bed, lets me embrace her and tell her how much I love her. They are why I don’t feel alone. And I love the visits I have with my gay friends, my neighbours, and my South End Cabal: Stacy, Kris and Steve, Nancy and Di.

I feel blessed to have this place where guests can come to comfortably stay. I dreamed all my life about having a log home. I love this life. But most important of all, is that I feel very, very comfortable leading the life that FND requires of me.

I don’t miss theatre thanks to streaming services, I listen to hours and hours of classical music on YouTube, and I get the music I like, and no news or ads or station identification at all. And I watch movies on streaming services, for the same reason.

What is deeply, deeply satisfying here is the backyard. When it is sunny, I want to be outside. I am a sunshine addict. Sunshine elevates my mood like no drug ever could, and now I have my own little park to be in. It large and it’s private. When I get into the hammock or on my outdoor chaise, I feel I won’t be disturbed. I’ve never had such privacy.


Friday began normally. Sheba and I joined our friends for an early morning walk after a night of rainfall. Luckily, the rain stopped not long before our meeting time; our walk was dry and wonderful in the mild Winter air, so fresh after a night of rain.

Then I came home and used the TTY service to call my eye surgeon’s office to ask about the situation with my eye. They had me come in, so suddenly, we were in a rush to catch the ferry and get onto the big island. I left early enough to go to my favourite sushi place for lunch, and then we went to do some supply shopping at Walmart before going to the surgeon’s office.

It turns out that one of my medications that I was administering three times a day, on his instructions, was damaging my cornea. After missing only two applications, by eye is feeling much, much better. It’s still very blurry, but it’s improving and I am thrilled. 

Once the appointment was over, we hurried to the ferry terminal and the ferry was just arriving. I love it when that happens. We were home just before 5:00 o’clock, and boy was I happy to be home. The day had exhausted me, so I was in bud by nine and I slept well and long last night.

Today, I’ve some baking to do, and I’ll Zoom with David as he leaves London tomorrow early to come to Vancouver. Paula will meet him at the airport, and they will arrive here via our seaplane at around 4:00 on Sunday. And the fun will begin.

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