Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New Drug Could Help

 I was up, as usual, at 5:00 am, and I got right to washing all the pots, pans and dishes, and when I was done, as I went out to the shed to fetch some wood, I felt like the walking dead. All the work yesterday and all the socializing had me feeling giddy all day about having absolutely nothing to do. A day all to myself, all for myself. It was wonderful.

Stacy, bless her, had left a birthday present for me, and I was thrilled to discover that she had bought me a really lovely terry towel robe that I’ll be using to go back and forth to the hot tub from now on. I was stunned by her thoughtfulness. And Kris, Steve and Nancy gave me a gift certificate to the local nursery. I was thrilled. It’s such an appropriate gift. 

When I went out for the wood, I was welcomed by warm, fragrant air. Clearly, the storm was coming from deep in the southern waters of the Pacific. We call the warm winds from there the Pineapple Express. It’s wonderfully warm and uplifting when it comes in the Wintertime.

I went walking with Her Highness once all the dishes were dried and put away. The house is in great shape, all Christmassy and tidy. There are only 13 more sleeps until David and Paula arrive. I can barely contain my excitement. The walk was lovely because it was bright and warm outside, and so, so fragrant.

When I got home, the copper sulphate had come in the mail, so I spent a couple of hours making copper sulphate cones to put in the fire when Paula and David are here. And then I did some reading before heading into the village to pick up my new prescriptions. One of the two new drugs helps with intense anxiety/feelings as well as muscle pain and contractions.  It can also help buffer outer stimulation (noise etc…). The maximum daily dose is 3,600 mgs. I’m taking 100 mgs twice a day. Baby steps. It sound perfect for me. I’m more than willing to give it a try.

I kept the fire low all day, often letting it go out and then using the cinders to start another piece of wood. It was so warm out that I didn’t need much of a fire. Mid-afternoon, there were long periods of sunshine. It was a lovely day that turned to overcast late in the afternoon, and showers in the evening. Modestly warm days in Winter are thrilling.

My plan is to, perhaps, add grout to the new tiles in the studio. Then the job will be finished and ready for Frank to come to move the stove. That move will give me WETT certification on the new stove, and that will end the tasks needing doing that came from my new home insurer. Next week, when Kris and Steve are back, we’re going to get together to get my new voice generator working. I need another mind to help me figure out how to get it going in a sensible way. By that I mean, so that various of the things I want recorded are sequential in their position in the device screen. Kris or Steve will record the messages for me, and they will also witness me signing my will. Insurance, device, will: three more things finally done.

Today I Zoom with Candy and Leslie, two wonderful friends. Leslie helped me find BOTH of my birth parents. She gave me the gift of my heritage. No one can better that, as an act of kindness to a lost soul. And Candy was one of my students when I was in my final year of teacher training. We three have very good times together. And on Thursday, I Zoom with Dianne. Keeping my Vancouver friendships alive.

Well … my first pill last night and I slept an hour and a half longer than usual. I don’t mind that at all! And this morning, walking Sheba to the gate to let her out, I felt calmer, more grounded. It may all be in my mind, but that is the sense I had. I’m taking another this morning and I’ll see how it goes. It’s going to be another bright and warm day today. And each passing day brings me closer to David and Paula’s arrival. Excitement is building.

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