Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Ethel Scares Me Shitless

Monday was a wonderful day. It was brilliant and sunny and all day I was looking forward to 4:00 o’clock when David and Paula would arrive. Our morning walk was a joyful experience because the day was so bright, and the forest was so fragrant and fresh.

I spent the morning making prawn stock for the risotto. I absolutely love making it; it is such a delicious recipe, even though it is just to make stock and all the solids that flavour it are discarded. It makes the whole house smell so welcoming and Italian. Plus, I tidied and cleaned every surface. I wanted to keep busy so that the time would fly.

By noon, it had clouded over, and in the afternoon, I had time to chill. It felt good to relax, and it was a good strategy for my speech when David and Paula arrived. Just after 3:30, I left with Sheba to fetch them. It was spitting very light rain, which was disappointing, but finally David, Paula and I were back together. I was seriously looking forward to our evening together—especially dinner.

They both were delighted to be here. They love the rural life. They got settled and then we sat down to enjoy some Prosecco together before dinner and then Paula and I got to work on making the risotto and the broccoli, and after we ate, the tart was a huge hit. 

David was jet lagged, and we were all happy to go to bed early. And then, just before we were going to go to bed, Ethel shot off the chair with Fred in fast pursuit, and then she came rushing out like a mad woman and she went into the dining room where she peed herself and had a horrid, horrid seizure. Then she stopped, and I truly thought she was dead, but she shot into the corner, again like a being possessed, and she hissed at me, which she has never done before, as I tried to comfort her. And then it was over. She emerged looking shaky and slowly became herself again.

We all went to bed, and soon after getting into bed. Ethel came to be with me. She has never ever come to me in the night before. Then poor Freddy joined us. He’s been thoroughly freaked by Ethel’s seizure. So, I barely slept last night, but I loved being with them through the night and comforting them. I’ll nap today.

Today, I’ve told my guests that we’re having my soup for lunch with toast, and leftovers for dinner. I am focusing on rest and relaxation today after a very emotional day yesterday—and poor Ethel’s nasty seizure.

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