Monday, December 18, 2023

David & Paula Arrive Today!!!

 My eye is driving me crazy. It hurts and my vision sucks. The only time it doesn’t hurt, is when I am sleeping. And it weeps tears all day. I have to keep blotting my cheek. Dr. Yearsley said it looked fine, so I just keep hoping it will hurt less. I can hardly wait to see the optometrist in January, but before then, it should stop hurting all the time.

By mid-afternoon, I was beat and in a lot of pain, so I put a pad over my eye and then taped the pad onto my face. Keeping it closed made it far, far less painful. And I slouched on the couch and had a nap. It felt fabulous to be relaxed on the chaise. All the stress of Saturday and cooking of the day on Sunday, had me totally beat. 

After a short rest, I got to tidying and cleaning up after all my kitchen work. And once the dishes were washed, I called Paula on FaceTime. She answered right away, and there she was with David. He is here!!! His trip went extremely smoothly, he even had 2 empty seats beside him, so he could put his legs up to nap.

They leave the float plane terminal today at 3:30, so they’ll arrive in Silva Bay at the dock there by 4:00, and I will be there to meet them. Soon, we will all be together. Hooray!!!

Let the fun begin!!!


I’ve awakened to a cool morning with not a cloud in the sky and that means the float plane will be in the air today. They are coming!!! Today, I’ve not much to do except prep the prawns and stock for the risotto.

My eye is slightly less painful and slightly less milky today, so that’s movement in the right direction. I won’t wear my patch today, and I’ll hope for more improvement with each passing day. And now, on this bright and exciting morning, Her Highness and I are off to meet our friends to walk through the forest together.

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