Thursday, December 7, 2023

A Lovely Soft Day

 Fog dominated the morning walk. The air was humid but warm, and for that I was very, very grateful. I forget each year as Summer dies and the long, cold, wet season begins, that there are lovely days in Winter. Even when it’s not sunny, walking the forest trails in mild, fragrant, and refreshingly humid weather is uplifting. Sheba and I come home high on endorphins, and then we switch gears and get comfy by the fire.

When we got back from the walk, I got ready for my Zoom call with Candy and Leslie. I knew that I was in store for lots of laughs, and I wasn’t disappointed. All three of us had a ball and we resolved to Zoom together more often. And then it was lunch time. Fred and Ethel announce that it was feeding time with plenty of fanfare. And after lunch, I enjoyed being on the chaise and getting some reading done.

The evening was lovely and slow. I watched a play (The Crucible) and went to bed early. I’m pleased to know that I tolerate the new pills. I certainly sleep more and I sense a sense of greater calmness within. It could be the drugs, it could be placebo effect; regardless, I feel slightly stronger and more resilient.

Today is dull but dry, and it’s warm again. Yesterday afternoon, when we went to play ball at Rollo Park, it had turned quite chilly after a wonderfully mild morning. It’s supposed to rain today and be sunny tomorrow. I hope we do have sunshine tomorrow!

Today may be the day that Frank comes to move the stove in my studio. He’ll move it onto the new foundation I built and then it’ll be legal. And I Zoom today with Dianne and with my UK support group. So, lots of talking and a chance for me to see if the new drug makes it easier on my neck and shoulders when I speak.

Tonight, another play (Amadeus).

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