Wednesday, December 20, 2023

A slow Day Together

Right now, I’m too busy having a life to write about it. Keeping Paula and David happy and occupied is very easy, but we are constantly on the go or recuperating. 

We began our day yesterday with a grooming. I took Her Highness for a brief morning walk before dropping her off at Sara’s for a wash and cut. Then I came home to just putter with Paula and David, then they came with me to fetch her and to visit some of the stores and galleries in the village. That was followed by lunch. They loved my pea soup, and I gave them toasted cheese sandwiches as well. (They were by request.) 

It was raining outside, and I was beat, so we watched The Bank of Dave on Netflix, and I loved it. We all did. And then it was time for an afternoon walk in light drizzle with Her Highness. Once back at Pinecone Park, we chilled and then had a dinner of leftovers that was delish and easy. That was followed by a bad movie that drove David to bed. Paula and I watched two Martha Stewart programs, I had never watched one before. She is appalling to witness. A study in grotesque privilege. 

Today, we walk with my group, and as it may be nice in the afternoon, I hope to take Paula and David to Drumbeg. This morning we’ll do some grocery shopping and for dinner we may go to The Surf.

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