Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Birthday Day

This photo was taken on the day I first met my birth mother, Françoise. Steve, my ex now, was with me and he was wonderfully supportive through a fabulous but intense experience. He sent me this photo with his birthday greeting. I am so, so proud to be her son (even though she gave me away and had just told me a whopper of a lie about my father and refused to give me his name).

Steve and John called me early in the morning to wish me a happy birthday, and then I Zoomed with Dr. Shoja at 10:00 am. I would have missed our meeting had an automatic email reminder not come into my email box. I’d completely forgotten our appointment was today. I’m trying new drugs, two of them. One is for prophylactic use and the other is taken daily to reduce my bodies response to stress. The prophylactic one will help me deal with David’s visit and other times when I must do a lot of speaking.

I’m extremely happy to be back in care with Dr. S. She is an ideal counselor for me. Every time I see her, I feel better.

My birthday happened on the day of the arrival of an atmospheric river. There was very heavy rain all day, but I was busy indoors baking, cooking and cleaning, so I didn’t care about the Monsoon outside. I’m disappointed in the cornettes, but at the same time, I don’t care because although they look slightly sketchy, they are delicious. 

The entire day was go, go, go. I was able to sit for the first time all day at 4:15. I was already looking forward to today because I have the entire day to myself and delicious leftovers to eat, including an extra cornette. I expect to spend most of the day on the chaise, plus a couple of walks with Her Highness. We didn’t walk but once yesterday during the river falling all day.

I was pretty pooped by the time my friends arrived, but they were very excited about it being my birthday and the prosecco helped loosen me up. I had to manage the oven and three dishes on the stove top while we were drinking and eating canopés, but even tipsy on Prosecco, I managed it. It felt very good to have them move to the table while I did the plating. It was downhill from then on, in terms of stress and duties. They are great, great friends. We had an absolutely wonderful time, but I am seriously looking forward to today on the chaise.

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