Friday, December 22, 2023

Wonderful Walks Together

Thursday was really lovely. Sheba, Paula, David and I began the day with a walk to and along Sandwell Beach. Paula had been there before, but David was gobsmacked by the site. It was lovely and mild and there was no rain, but it was a darkish day. Following our walk, we came home for lunch and a rest.

Next came a visit to Drumbeg. Again, David was awestruck by all he saw. I enjoyed showing him the bark of some Gary Oak trees and he loved seeing the beaches. He loves to swim in the ocean, and he now is keen to come in Summer so he can go swimming at both beaches. When we got back to the car, we took Paula to the seaplane for her trip home.

David and I came home, and I made some cookies before joining Ethel on the chaise to chill for a while before Sheba, David and I went to Eoin’s and François’ place for dinner. I was really happy David was meeting them and Jay, as these wonderful men are so important to me.

Our dinner was fabulous. François made tourtière and maple syrup pie—two Québecois staples that were delicious. By 9:00, I was in pain in my eye and really tired, so we came home and went directly to bed. I was wakened in the night because poor Davey was sick. I reckon he had food poisoning, the poor guy. He was going from both ends and Sheba was most upset.

Today, our first without Paula, we plan to take life easy. David is feeling fine now, so we may go to The Surf for lunch, and we’ll go shopping, but the rest of the day will be slow and soft.  

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