Monday, December 25, 2023

Personal Voice on iPhone!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday flew by. We began our day with a walk. It was not raining, sunny and cold. Then we did some grocery shopping before going on another walk to tire out Sheba because she had to wait for us in the car while David and I had lunch together at Ground Up. Then we came home for the afternoon to chill until our afternoon walk.

We went for a long afternoon walk, and we got home just before the rain began. We had just an hour and a half at home before we left for The Surf for dinner. We were the only people in the lodge. It was weird, but it was also lovely. We sat right beside the fireplace and the server was handsome and lovely. I bought us a bottle of Prosecco to have, and David bought us our dinner. It was really lovely. Then we came home for a bit of television before bed.

For Christmas, I got relief from constant pain in my eye. Sunday was my first day of never wearing a patch. I’m so relieved that the pain is gone. It’s still blurry and milky to look out of my left eye, but I don’t care if it doesn’t hurt. Come January 19, I’ll know if the vision clears when I go to the optometrist.

Today, we’ll make a roast for dinner and we’re having lots of veggies with it and I’m making fresh blackberry ice cream for us for dessert. 

Merry Christmas my friends!!!

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