Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Better Day

Last night was my first night without a panic attack; it's a sign of progress that is inspiring. My bed is a friendly place again It makes me want to make today, Sunday, my first day without an anxiety attack. I am certain I can do it and that will be another sign of recovery.

This morning I can talk really well and I feel much stronger.  Perhaps this progress is a reward for all the recent insight into the cause of my crisis. Today I don't need anyone to tell me I will get better; I can feel it in myself.

Today I am beginning week two, post collapse. It is my most ambitious day so far. I have promised Beth we would get together to go for a walk and have lunch and then, at 3:00, my friends David and Bryan are coming over for a visit.

I don't think I can have an anxiety attack when I am in the company of friends, so my goal of to get through the day without an attack is realistic. Fingers crossed!

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