Monday, April 11, 2016

See Chris Speak

I made this film of me trying to speak this morning. Here is what I say:

It’s Monday morning and I wanted to make movie because speech is very hard in the morning. Muscles in my back very sore from trying to talk. Very sore.
I filmed me because:
  1. This blog is a place to record my progress.
  2. Mornings are much worse for speaking. It's either that or I speak better to someone else than I can by myself (for the purpose of making this movie).
My back is burning.

I have incredible back pain because I tense up a lot trying to speak. I am too chicken to call the physiotherapist for an appointment so I will ask Beth to call for me.

I have written to my GP for an appointment so I can ask to have my appointment with Dr. Morrison (speech guru) moved closer than mid-June or, if that cannot be done, for a referral for counselling on how to communicate better and how to speak without getting such back pain.

I have also written to Grace, the speech language pathologist I met last Thursday, to tell her my brain scan was clear and to ask if, therefore, she can help me with compensatory strategies.

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