Friday, April 1, 2016

Catching Up on Recent Events

I saw this building when I went to Ming Wo recently. I have obviously going past it all my life but for the first time, I noticed its beauty (the balconies and glazing) and the incredible typography on the wall — Peking Chop Suey House. It seems totemic to me, situated as it is in our Chinatown.

Things I haven’t mentioned that have happened of late:
  1. I had a cooking course at Dirty Apron Easter Sunday night. The class is called Ooh La La and we made boeuf bourguignon, lobster thermidor and chocolate soufflé.
  2. Beth and I went to see Onegin, a musical that has had rave reviews by Veda Hille, whom I adore. It was fabulous and wonderfully inventive. I was terribly proud of everyone involved; a real source of pride for our local thespian community.
  3. I had an electromyogram and learned that although my hands go numb and my left arm is weak, it is not due to nerve damage. It is due to arthritis. The good news: No surgery. The bad news: chronic minor pain and diminished use of my arm.
  4. Bruce, my friend in who’s enjoying his annual jaunt to Italy has been calling me on fairly frequently Skype. It is wonderful to talk over such a distance of both geography and time so incredibly easily and inexpensively nowadays.
  5. Wednesday broke temperature records in Vancouver. It was the warmest March 31 on record. To be in shorts and a T in March is spectacular.
  6. Jessica surprised me with a visit overnight last night. I love my surrogate daughter to bits. She’s long been familiar with my voice issues and so I “showed” her Roux, she said right away: “It’s clearly a problem in your brain, don’t you think?” And I do!

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