Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Very Busy Few Days

Retail therapy, or in this case, retail anxiety. That’s what I got in spades having decided to get a new computer and go through all that entails. Getting all the software working, getting all your mail back in place and the printer and scanner working—all requiring so much interaction with strangers bringing on, of course, extreme stuttering.

But what ride I have now on the Internet highway. I got a new faster modem and router so I watch videos with ease and the sound system is Bose. It’s such a treat to watch music videos with such clarity and rich big sound.

In the photo, you may also notice the water. It's such a change for me to be an avid consumer of "holy" water.

Oh… and I got the most elegant pen that accessorizes my new jacket perfectly.

My home is my sanctuary as I heal and I have enriched it with all my purchases. And I get them in my new convertible. Life is a blast when it’s a blast. But the stuttering, aching and exhaustion are tiresome.

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