Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My New Car

At last! I have something other than me to write about. You may praise the Lord.
It’s just too stressful “out there” for me. I was almost unconscious when Dr. Shoja called me in today. So I bought a car red convertible Fiat. Praise the Lord. It means I can drive to places I feel safe whilst walking and to the homes of friends. And it means I can, if I want, get a dog.
Big outcomes from today’s session with Dr. Shoja:
  • A promise to stick with me for the one-to-two years it will take me to stabilize. (Deep Breathing.)
  • She explained why I walk close to walls and always use handrails. Balance is part of the autonomic nervous system— it is the system out of control in me. I am getting a staff for walking or those walking canes.
  • My anger has to be dealt with.
  • I am on stronger medications for nights. (I never want to wake up in the thrall of a major anxiety attack.)
Then my physiotherapist did wonders with the muscles in my neck. Oh sweet Jesus it hurt/was wonderful; I am into S&M (but only at the physiotherapist’s)!
De-stressed by two therapy sessions, I then went to buy the car.

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