Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Disaster Day

I wrote the post below a while back. I look at my smiling face in the photo that is part of it.

Last Saturday, as regular readers of this blog know, I awoke to discover that my speech was very badly damaged. I found out by trying to talk to my cat and then I rushed to the emergency ward of St. Paul's.

Since then, I have discovered different compensatory voices: Rand was the name I gave to my south African voice, and Tonto was the name I gave to the shorthand speech I discovered. I could also speak French, but that is me. I am reasonably bilingual. My "real" voice was broken.

Well, this morning was a replay of Saturday but instead of trying to speak to my cat, I tried to talk to a nurse at St. Paul's. I wanted to see if I came over, I could have a pain pill because my back is killing me from the spasms of trying to speak.

But nothing came out. Not even Rand or Tonto work and neither does French. I am basically mute now, so I am in the process of retreat. I prefer to be alone right now as I adjust to this. Perhaps I will feel differently after I see Dr. Shoja. Time will tell. This is getting scary.

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