Friday, April 8, 2016

Diagnosis: The Morning After

Yesterday, I was euphoric. Getting a diagnosis for my voice that makes sense of everything — a solidly unifying theory — was wonderful. It's becoming clearer and clearer what I will be doing to speak.

Right now, the hard part is abandoning the raspy voice. Grace, my new speech language pathologist, has explained that forcing my natural voice as I have been doing will damage my larynx. From now on, I have to use only my Robo or Rand voice. 

Robo is hard. It requires concentration; it is slow and when I use it you will see and hear proof that Grace is right: I have a stutter. You notice if I try to speak too quickly. Rand is super-efficient but strange. However, now I know why Rand works, I am less embarrassed to use it.

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