Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday's Advances

  1. I am getting used to telling people I've had a breakdown. The term is meaningless to me, but it gives people a general idea. I think a better and more accurate name is acute anxiety disorder. (Caused by nervous exhaustion.)
  2. It's extraordinary how kind clerks and shop keepers are to me due to my stutter. I've felt no frustration at all. The kindness of everyone makes going out easier for me.
  3. I got a three month supply of sleeping pills and I will use one every night. Art says they are not addictive or in any other way dangerous.
  4. I got a "medical certificate" explaining my disorder as hyper anxiety so I can stay in my car on the ferries.
  5. I really feel good on the street. Not a busy street, but a side street. And sunshine does not feel so harsh.
  6. Lots of time alone at home is essential.

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