Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Off to Doctor

#1.  I guess because whatever happened to me happened in the night, I’ve had a mild anxiety attack each night since when I get  into bed. I get rapid breathing and heartbeat.

#2.  My iPhone is a fantastic tool. I have written a note on it to show the receptionist at the hospital this morning. It explains who I am and what time my appointment it. I realize that I can anticipate needs and type out messages to help me with tasks.

I have one message that I can get easily that says: “I have a severe speech impediment. Please bear with me while I answer your question or ask you one.” It gives me courage to go out.

#3.  It’s 7:50 am. I am leaving here in ten minutes to go to the hospital to see Dr. Morrison (VGH) who will take over from Dr. Johnston (St. Paul’s) as the lead in my treatment. I have barely slept; I think I am excited/anxious for information.

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