Friday, April 22, 2016

Back to Baking

Things keep getting more complicated.

Yesterday I went to VGH again, this time to check on my lungs. During my anxiety attacks, I’ve been experiencing a scary shortness of breath. The last part of the visit involved a kind of “breathalyzer” test I have had many times. I hate it and I was dreading doing it. I was supposed to do three blows into the machine but after the first one I was a wreck so they exempted me from the other two. I go to St. Paul’s for more tests next week.

Dr. Shoja called and can see me next week, thanks to a cancellation and I already have an appointment for the week after that. 

I am really exhausted from all this anxiety. It is like carrying a huge load on your back.

I made a tall génoise cake. What an epic piece of work.

I only have one spring-form pan the right size, so I had to make two cakes to get the height I wanted. Then I made the raspberry filling to put between two of the four layers and then cooked up some lemon curd to put between the other two layers. After that, I had to make Chantilly for the icing. It should look fabulous when it is sliced.

But by far the worst part was making the candied lemon rind for the top.

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