Saturday, April 9, 2016


Right after I wrote the post following this one, entitled “Restored,” I went to the hospital. I could not say a word. I had to write notes.

I had a CT scan of my head and I’ve not had a stroke or blood clot. My arteries are clear.

After three hours of not being able to say one word, I started speaking. Then I couldn’t again; then I could and now I cannot again. It was good news, the results of the scans, but I was disappointed no be back to square one as far as knowing what is wrong is concerned.

I need some time now to see what happens. The hospital will be sending a report to Art, my GP, and I have an appointment already for June with the head of speech at VGH.

I can say single words with difficulty and that is all. I am feeling so scared and confused. Of course, I will find a way through this. I am taking it one day at a time. I can't worry about the future or carry hopes or have expectations; it's too heavy a burden. 

If you saw me, you might think I had cerebral palsy. I don't! Duh. But my speech is like someone with palsy.

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