Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Afternoon

I decided to go to Kin's to get some Granny Smith apples and some limes. It's less than two blocks. I walked the first block feeling far better than yesterday, but when I go to the intersection there was just too much going on—too much noise, too much light and too many people.

I saw my friend, Robin, a lovely and dear friend and I called out to her. Her name came out easily. She turned, smiled and began to talk to me but I was totally locked up. She could see my panic and how hard I was trying to speak. She hugged me and I said a word. Slowly words came.

We said goodbye, arranged to meet later for dinner and then I went and hid in a parking lot away from stimulus to recover. I spoke well to the clerks in both stores and came home. As I got closer to home, I hurry to shelter from the storm.

I make a shitload of mistakes with grammar. I have to check things a lot.

As compensation for what I am going through, the love I feel for friends is also magnified like everything else. It's so intense; I am going all Hallmark on everyone.

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