Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Progress Inside and Outside

I have said goodbye to my friend, Beth. She is off to Banff and then home to Toronto. But for three weeks, I’ve had someone to play with. Between her and all my doctors and therapists, I have been with more people in the past three weeks than I encountered in the previous three months.

Now things will settle down and I need some down time.

This morning broke so beautifully. I kept looking out at the sea and at the new day’s sunlight creeping up the towers. I was so happy to see we were in for yet another spectacular summer day in April.

Then, at 8:50, I put on my sweater and got ready to venture out in my new car to go to my dentist appointment and this time when I looked outside, I was filled with dread. The view that had enchanted me moments before now scared the bejesus out of me.

But tonight, I felt strong and Beth noticed progress.
Now it’s dark. This man/boy who once loved sunshine so much, now likes the calmness of darkness. Today, I got temporary “stimulus inhibitor” glasses; permanent ones are on order. They hug my face and keep peripheral light out of my eyes.   

Progress inside and outside.

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